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Tips for SMART Buying:

1. Buy through Indialog Distributors if it is available in your reachable locality. You will get 5% discount. You need not bother to keep track of courier and postal services and are likely to get quicker and safe delivery of the books.


2. The membership is upgraded to next level only on subsequent login, So, Plan to just reach the next slab in the first login and do the buying with more discount on the next login. Similarly if you are planning to buy others as well as Indialog books, buy Indialog books in second login.


Illustration: If you want to buy books worth  1000/-(Indialog Books worth  500/-and other books worth  500/-)

First login and buy the books (other than Indialog books) worth  500/- and log-off. Again log-in and buy Indialog books. You shall get 10% additional discount.


This tip applies to all slabs 500/- for Bronze Member status 1000/-for Silver Member status and 1500/- for Gold Member status. Once you become gold member you do not bother to divide your buying as you shall always get maximum discount.


3. Keep alive your special Membership status. You may need to expend a very little amount as you may be availing a discount of even 25% with free shipping.

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