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Bolero for Decision-Maker
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Bolero for Decision-Maker

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What is Bolero

Bolero is a revolutionary new technology that is about to change the way you do business today.

Bolero promises to usher in a new era of paperless trading called d-commerce or document commerce using the information highways of the Internet.

This means that the way you transact contracts and documents or transfer titles to Bills of Lading across international boundaries will change forever. All these transactions can now be effected via the Bolero Network without exchanging a single piece of paper. What is more, these exchanges can be instantaneous, safe, and absolutely confidential.

Role of a Decision Maker
If you are a decision-maker, you have an important task ahead of you. You need to position your company strategically to take full advantage of Bolero. This is a task you cannot leave to others because it cuts across a number of areas of your business operations. Unless you understand what Bolero is and how it works, you won’t be able to decide how best you can profit from it. Naturally, decisions about implementing Bolero cannot be left solely to Information Technology people. Bolero is more than merely a new technology. It is a phenomenon which needs to be understood by a wider cross-section of people within your company. Your thorough understanding of Bolero is essential to make those strategic IT related decisions which normally might be delegated to other people in your organisation.

Helps In Making Crucial Decisions
This book is designed to help you make those crucial decisions. The book will not only explain what Bolero is and what its benefits are, but also comment on its limitations and suggest alternatives to it. In addition, there is an entire section of technical data and details which can be studied by your IT support staff. The decisions you will have to make in relation to Bolero include some of the following:

  • How can you capitalise on the emergence of Bolero?
  • Should you embrace Bolero now or wait?
  • What are the alternatives to Bolero?
  • How can you evaluate the economic feasibility of Bolero?
  • And if you decided to opt for it, how should you go about implementing Bolero?
Many More Important Questions and Answers

These are some of the questions which the book will help you answer. If you have the responsibility for strategic decision making on the technological direction that your company will take, you can benefit from this book. If you are the owner or manager of a business which trades and communicates with the community of buyers, sellers, manufacturers, shipping companies and bankers, or if your business exchanges contracts, invoices, letters of credit and other critical documents, you stand to gain from this book. Alternatively, if you are the Chief Technology Officer of your company, you will discover that Bolero is not a single technology, but a phenomenon, which cuts across many important areas of the business.

You need to know how Bolero will impact other areas of business so that you can exploit its potential fully. This book will assist you in understanding those areas.

About the Author

Pramod Pandey is the Chief Technology Officer of BoleroPlus Pty Ltd and heads Silicon Crafts, an internationally known high technology company which designs the widely acclaimed Ozdocs International software. Ozdocs products are used in eight countries around the world and occupy a distinguished position in the area of export documentation and secured transmission of documents on a global scale.

Pramod Pandey is uniquely qualified to write this book with his training and research in the area of Information System Management and with his specialization in Electronic Data Interchange and Cryptography.

Pramod Pandey has won the respect of the users of Ozdocs International software in the banking, finance and export industries. He is also internationally known for providing private technological briefings on emerging technology and in assisting clients in automating their secured document exchange process around the globe.



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